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Olinda Public Golf Course

Olinda is not for the faint hearted

Everyone should play at least once in a lifetime

Olinda Public Golf Course is  country style golf course.   golf12th

Located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges the golf course was originally built in 1952 to act as a firebreak for the Olinda Village Township.  It is an 18 hole public course on 98 acres or 34.29 hectares of Crown Land administered by Parks Victoria and managed as a Concession.  

As a country-style golf course it is nothing elegant.  It is renowned for its steep fairways, fabulous views, magnificent Mountain Ash trees and Rhododendrons. golf3rd1

Due to the style of the course, its proximity to Melbourne and the relaxed atmosphere, it is a course where many occasional golfers feel comfortable playing or learning to play.  

The greens are clay based, reflecting the era in which the Course was established.  Recycled water is available via a treatment plant managed by the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council, and it is hoped that the small water allocation will be supplemented.  

While some might refer to Olinda Golf Course as “mountain goat terrain” there is a contingent of regular players who think nothing of the steep fairways and minimally irrigated greens. 

For every fantastic fairway that seems to offer a fabulous shot to hit for miles downhill there is an adjacent fairway to be climbed.

Memorable for a lifetime.

Anyone can play at Olinda and with such a unique course, it’s one where challenges are made with mates and memories of games with fathers replayed. 

There are stories of those who have played golf in the snow, lost their balls in the fog had or had a kookaburra snatch it from the green. 

And, as one course designer said “you can build a golf course but it’s impossible to build such magnificent trees or views”, while one golfing professional from Queensland commented after his round ".... everyone should play Olinda Golf Course at least once in a lifetime". 

And, ask many of the locals and they can tell you that Greg Norman used to own a property in Olinda, so maybe your game might be as goods as his was on the course.

But one thing is for certain, everyone who plays the Olinda Golf Course always remembers it and can always brag about playing Olinda Golf Course anywhere around the world!

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