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You know you are working in a community when generations of families have worked in the business.

Tracing the evolution of the Olinda Golf Course is the same as tracing the history of a community.  So many families have had a son, daughter, mother, brother or father working at the golf course at some time. 

While I don't have a great memory for names I'm pretty good at remembering connections and I find it fascinating when people come in and tell me that they or their family worked at the golf course.  For instance, "Lindy" one of the previous operators of the cafe restaurant now has a franchise Doughnut business in Canada.  I've never met Lindy that I recall, but I do know that everyone loved her, because that what the locals patrons and staff tell me and recall!

Apologies to the local staff if you really didn't
want your photo here!!

pics of some of the people who are working and have
worked here sort of recently
(the last two years).




Missing Photos: Emily, Jo, Mandy, Ellie, Dave, Doug, Charlie, Michelle, Mango, Lily, Gill, Gill,